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iu_368730_7138393.webp💗NSFW COMMISSIONS💗 (For 18+ only!)


  • Minimally Shaded
  • Bust ------------- $5.00
  • Half Body ------ $9.00
  • Three-quarter - $11.00
  • Full Body ------- $15.00

  • Cell Shaded
  • Bust ------------- $15.00
  • Half Body ------ $20.00
  • Three-quarter - $25.00
  • Full Body ------- $30.00


  • Soft Shaded
  • Bust ------------- $25.00
  • Half Body ------ $30.00
  • Three-quarter - $35.00
  • Full Body ------- $40.00


Additional fee information

  • Background – $5.00
  • If you want me to add a background it will cost extra. Simple backgrounds such as gradients, patterns, geometric shapes, objects, etc. won’t be charged.

  • Major alts such as changing the pose, species, or overall design will cost an additional 5$. Minor alt versions won’t be charged (cum, facial expressions, clothing, etc.)

  • Major changes to a drawing after it is finished will cost an additional $5. Includes things like changing the design of a character or wanting to change their pose.

  • Adding another person will still cost as much as it would be in the pricings. The reason for this is because my art is character focused and I’d be essentially creating another drawing for you. Characters who aren’t really the focus of the drawing/aren’t completely present won’t be charged (think characters who are out of frame, have no face and who might be in the background). This also applies if you want to add another panel with a character’s bust to full body. Panels with zoom ins of specific body parts, internal shots, etc. Won’t cost extra.

  • Deposit fee – 25% of the total price. This is mainly for insurance so that a buyer won’t flake on me once the commission is done. It also lets me know that you’re serious about commissioning me. The deposit fee will be taken out of the initial price so you won’t be paying more than the price listed. Deposits are nonrefundable.

Commissions I’ll say no to:

Aside from these things, I’m down to draw whatever.

  • Extreme fetishes (stuff like scat, gore, vore etc.)
  • Beastiality (monsters are ok)
  • Offensive content such as racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.
  • Religious/political figures (I’m fine with drawing them if they’re fictional)
  • Work that belongs to another artist unless they say they’re okay with it.
  • Depicting characters as being young children

Approval System

Since I don’t want to disappoint anyone having different expectations of what a final piece will look like, I will message you with regular updates on how the drawing is going so that if you want to make changes, it won’t be a hassle. (for example if I was done with the sketch I would message you to see if you approved of how it’s going so far and if you want an changes to be made.) It really helps with having a better image of what you want your drawing to look like, as well as a good way to avoid additional fees.

Commission Slots

I will have a total of 4 commission slots open at a time. As soon as one is open it’s first come first serve. This is to help make sure I’m never overwhelmed with drawings I need to make. However sometimes I just need a break from drawing and when that happens I’ll just stop taking commissions. (I am human after all.)

Other Notes

  • Finished commissions may or may not end up being posted publicly. You can choose to be tagged in the posts or referred to as anonymous, or if preferred request the commission not be shared at all.
  • Commissions will be paid through Paypal. (USD only)
  • If you give me an image to use as a reference please make sure it’s easy to tell what’s what in the picture. If you don’t, the drawing itself will be frustrating to make and involve a lot of guesswork.

Contact Info

If you’re interested in setting up a commission with me or have any questions, just message me on any of these platforms:

  • Twitter | reddit | MeWe - Direct Messages 
  • Discord - My tag is Champ_Lock#7400
  • Newgrounds - PM



Here are some links to my art blogs in case you want to look at them for reference.


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